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These are devotional songs sung by kirtankar Boovas with the help of musical instruments in the temple (usually involving audience). Kirtan songs are based on spiritual books such as Ramayana, Mahabharata etc. Kirtan is also a constant Meditation of God. People attend Kirtan for peace of mind.

The attire of Kirtankar is very alluring. It involves Shuddha Vastra Dhotar, Angarkha (a coat), Pagdi (turban); Rudraksha garland in neck (made from Rudraksha tree fruits, a sacred tree of Lord Shiva), Tilak (a sandlewood mark on forehead) and Uparne (a small single cloth worn loosely on the shoulder).

The musical instrument used in the kirtan is Mrudang, Kartal (a metal plate mounted on two zingles), Jhanj (basically a set of small cymbals), Peti (harmonium), Dholak (a popular folk drum), Shankh (a conchshell) and Chimpta (a fire tong)