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Directions to tourist spots

You can come to Tarkarli(Malvan) from Pune by road or by train.

By Road: State transportation buses are available from Pune to Malvan. You can either come to Kankavli or Kudal and there you can find easy transpotation to Malvan. Tarkarli is close to Malvan.

If you are using private vechicle, you can come to Tarkarli by - 

1) Pune - Kolhapur - Gaganbawada - Tarele - kankavli -kasal- Malvan - Tarkarli.

2) Pune - Kolhapur - Phondaghat - Kankavli - Kasal - Malvan - Tarkarli

By Train: There is a train that runs two times a week from Pune to Konkan. You can get down at Kankavli and then proceed to Tarkarli (Malvan)







Tarkarli beach is near Malvan in Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, India.

Kankavli and Kudal railway stations are close to Tarkarli beach. Kankavli is approximately 60 km and Kudal is approximately 40 km from Tarkarli.

Airport in Dabolim, Goa is close to Tarkarli beach, approximately 150 km.