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Medha Kacheri Road, Near Chivla Beach, Malvan, Tarkarli-Malvan (Sindhudurg), 416606, India
Anjali Lodge offers you a comfortable stay when you visit Malvan and nearby area. It's a very quite place in the heart of Malvan city. You can visit many tourists spots like Chivla beach, Jayganesh Temple, Rock Garden,Sindhudurg Fort while staying at this place.
Room/property types

Area activities

Scuba Diving, Snorkeling,Boating

Check in times

Check in 9.00 Am Check Out 9.00 AM


Goa, Dabolim

Other transport

Private Vehicle,Auto Rickshaw, State transport buses

Policies & disclaimers

Lodge Policy will Apply.
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Tariff name Room/property type Valid from Valid til  
Tariff Non AC Twin Room 4th May 2012 4th May 2022 Rs875.00 Per night 
Tariff AC Room 4th May 2012 4th May 2022 Rs1,600.00 Per night 
Tariff Non AC Room 4th May 2012 4th May 2022 Rs1,175.00 Per night 
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