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Tarkarli, Malvan, Tarkarli-Malvan (Sindhudurg), 416606, India
Visava is 10 Room Resort situated on Tarkarli beach. Resort have his Private beach 7 huge parking space. You will get panoramic view of Tarkarli beach from resort room.
Room/property types

Area activities

Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, Dolphin View , Water sport.

Check in times

Check In 10.30 Am Check out 9.30 AM


Goa, Dabolim

Other transport

Private vehicle

Policies & disclaimers

Hotel policy will apply.
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Tariff name Room/property type Valid from Valid til  
Tariff Deluxe AC 18th Jul 2013 18th Jul 2023 Rs2,200.00 Per night 
Tariff Super Deluxe 18th Jul 2013 18th Jul 2023 Rs3,000.00 Per night 
Tariff AC Room 18th Jul 2013 18th Jul 2023 Rs1,600.00 Per night 
Tariff Non AC Room 18th Jul 2013 18th Jul 2023 Rs800.00 Per night 
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