Bhagwati Temple

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Bhagwati Devi DhamapurBhagwati Temple at Dhamapur is a famous temple of Goddess Bhagwati situated mid-way between Kudal and Malvan. Malvan is surrounded by various forts and temples. The temple in this vicinity & deities residing in it are known as “vigilant or active deity” [Active deity: It is a faith of the devotees that such deities bestow their blessings and fulfill the vows of the devotees]. As a much of respect and joyalty, devotees fulfill the promise made to deity by making “offering” to the deity. It is a sort of “repayment for fulfilling the vow. In local language it is known as "Nawas Phedane". Bhagwati Temple of Dhamapur is one such “active holy place”

This temple has also become famous because of a legend associate with it. The legend is the big lake in front of the temple. The lake is known as “Dhamapur lake” or “Lake of Dhamapur”. The legend associates with this lake runs as: In the post on the occasion of marriage, poor villagers of this village (Dhamapur) used to dip the basket full of flowers in the lake. When this basket was later taken out the flower were turned in to the ornaments. The condition was these ornaments were to be returned to lake once the marriage ceremony was over. This legend has made this deity very famous in the surrounding region. Many devotees of goddess Bhagawati still visit the temple for the “Darshan” Dhamapur is easily accessible from Malvan & Kudal the tehsil places in the district. The devotees as well as tourist should visit this place for the beautiful temple, the wonderful lake and scenic beauty around it.


Getting There
By Air: dabolim, Goa
By Rail: Kudal and Oros
By Road: 18 KM Malvan, 39 KM Kankavli

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