Wooden craft

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Wooden ArtWooden toys of Chitrali: Speciality of Sawantwadi is wooden toys and Handicraft articles. They are manual and famous everywhere in the word. There is a demand from all parts of India and abroad. There is no doubt that this toys and handcraft article and excellent in quality but now it is difficult to make them and the hardwork craftsmen have to take to make them can be understood by visiting the place.  

Wooden ArtChitrali is in Sawantwadi city so it’s easy to visit tourist have to visit this place. Sawantwadi is one of the proud heritage town of India which hold distinction of preserving it’s own rich tradition and handicraft. Sawantwadi specializes in wooden craft, its wooden toys, bamboo craft, pottery art, traditional art paintings and world famous carved Bison Horns. Handmade playing cards of Sawantwadi remember everyone about by gone area. These cards are made from circular pieces of paper on which intricate designs of Dashavtar (ten incarnations of lord Vishnu) are hand-painted. Each card pack contains 120 hand painted cards housed in an equally colourful box. History says that these cards arrived in Sawantwadi 350 years ago, when Bhosle, royal family of Goa settled hear after fleeing from Portuguese regime there. The Bhosle brought several artisians along with them who were versed in wood carving and paintings. These families survived mainly by supplying handicrafts items to the royal families. In 1961 there where 45 such families though six such families still live in Sawantwadi today.

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